How to lose weight without harm to health

What you need to do to lose weight?

It’s quite simple, to get rid of extra pounds (in fact, calories that are just «in you» in the form of body fat) you need to spend more calories than you consume. How to do this, you ask? Very simply, there are a lot of tables on the Internet with the calories already calculated in the foods you eat. And in different forms, for example — cooked vegetables or raw without heat treatment.

Even if these are semi-finished products (in fact, everything that has stickers with a composition on its packaging), then they will always find energy value per 100 g of product. An elementary calculation of calories for the day eaten by you can often be the envy of a weightlifter, since the figure is usually quite large. What to do? Having considered your daily calorie, make a conclusion for yourself that it must be reduced at all costs!

How to lose weight without harm to health

How to reduce calories per day:

Try to eat vegetables without heat treatment (do not cook them). Cooked vegetables are much better absorbed (give their calories), thereby remaining with us in the form of sides and abdomen.

Try to eat only fresh vegetables and fruits (fruits with a minimum sugar content) after lunch with some kind of protein (boiled or baked meat, not necessarily super lean, since fats are an integral part of proper nutrition, fish, dairy products, again these are not fat-free) . Why exactly after dinner? The time when our metabolism (metabolism) is the fastest and most optimal is the morning after waking up and until about an hour — three noon. At this time, almost everything that we eat goes to compensate for the work of all vital processes of the body, the so-called comprare steroidi online in italia basic metabolism. That is, for your body to function normally, it must receive 1,500 balanced Kcal from various sources (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). Accordingly, everything that you will use immensely after dinner will go to the reserve in the form of adipose tissue, as this will be surplus.

What to do if you constantly want to eat?

Do not forget that the feeling of hunger is one of the basic during all stages of the formation of modern man. A man, in order to get his own food, had to try very hard initially (to grow, collect, weed, track, catch, butcher, etc.). Accordingly, it always moved them, producing adrenaline, thereby spurring on actions to tame hunger. Adrenaline is one of the fundamental hormones for fat burning. To suppress hunger, nutritionists advise drinking water, very often people confuse the feeling of hunger, and after drinking ordinary water they forget about it.

Another good way to satisfy the attacks of hunger can be proper snacks, this is all kinds of pastilles from dried fruits, candied fruits and nuts. But they are quite high-calorie, therefore it should be used with caution. The best option would be — protein bars containing not a lot of carbohydrates and at the same time a lot of protein. It should be said that a protein diet is the most correct and effective of all existing. Protein for digestion requires a lot of calories, which is a very good day for us.

Eating in small portions throughout the day is of undoubted benefit, as there is research that fractional nutrition speeds up metabolism.

What options are there to help you burn fat?

If you make the so-called cheating (speed up the process), then you can resort to the help of really working assistants — sports fat burners. What good? Effective, practically safe, do not require a strict diet, work almost without exercise (not as effective as with them, but still the results are impressive).

Physical exercise. Are you needed or not?

Physical activity is not just needed, they are needed! This is an indisputable fact, but if you cannot force yourself to go to the gym, or simply there is no such opportunity for many reasons, then there is a way out — training at home with your own weight.

You need to remember that for proper fat burning during training, you need to have an optimal heart rate. The beat frequency should be approximately 140 beats per minute. I want to say that to achieve such a pulse at home is quite difficult, even running in a circle in the room.

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